Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is coming!

March is almost here! I can't believe how quickly this semester is flying by! I am definitely not prepared for it.  So much to do and so little time.  I went on a walk this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and got excited to see green popping up out of the ground.  It looked like bulbs were sprouting! It has been cold and dreary for SO long! I am loving this sunny weather in the upper 40's, dreaming of 50's!
Life here pretty much consists of school. I have almost all my group projects due in a two week time frame which is adding a little extra pressure to the schedule trying to get in time to meet with all my group members in order to get the work done.
Spring break is March 22 week.  Looking forward to a week off of school.  Yes, I will be reading and studying for a midterm.  Still, a week off from class will be fantastic!
Back to the books. March is gonna be a killer month for school.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Harrison and Abernathy Weekend

This weekend my parents and the Harrisons came up for the weekend to play.  We spent the weekend out on the town eating eating and drinking and exploring the sights.  After they left Huntsville at 3:00 a.m. we went non-stop all day.  

We were totally worn out from all of our  adventures.  After touring the Cathedral Basilica and eating at Dewey's Pizza we also made sure to check out Trader Joe's and the local Costco.  We also got  a tour of the Anheuser-Bush facility to see the horses and get our 2 free glasses of beer! 

Saturday we managed to hit up Schlafly for a tour of their facility and fabulous lunch and some of their beer.  We also beat the rush and hit Bailey's Chocolate Bar.  The stout milkshakes that the guys got were amazing! Chocolate Stout beer with cinnamon ice cream mixed in, can't be beat!
We had to walk off all the food we ate on Saturday so went down to check out the arch.  Slightly claustrophobic to ride up to the top so we just took pictures and walked through the museum.  They were all excited to see the snow.