Friday, April 23, 2010

Freshman Year

Freshman year at Auburn I tried out for a handful of student organizations.  I tried out for enough that I can't remember how many, it was a lot.  My freshman and sophomore year I didn't make anything I tried out for which turned out to be pretty challenging.  The good thing from all of that-I got a TON of interview experience! Eventually, I made CWE and spent two fabulous years working with some of my favorite people.

I feel like it is freshman year again as I keep "trying out" for things. I'm glad I have the interview experience and the updated resume' (Thanks to my Monday night career counseling class I had to update my resume).  I know, just like freshman year, the Lord has something exciting out there for me.  I just have to hold out for whatever that is. Until then, you can find me blogging, FB-ing, and getting website experience.  Anything to occupy myself!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This week until the 25th you can go to Dairy Queen and buy 1 blizzard and get the 2nd one for 25cents.
What a great deal!! Tuesday night after RCF (the college ministry I am working with) we all went out for Blizzards.  It has been a while since I have had one.  I highly recommend stopping by to pick one up! So many options to choose from!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SGA...who would have thought

So last week was SGA elections on campus.  It isn't anything like at Auburn. You get nominated by a peer and can accept or decline.  I accepted.  After that, we have elections by paper ballots that you stick in a box and are hand counted.  Oh and did I mention that your picture is on the ballot too? 

Any one else ever have bad ID pictures in college or on their license?  This is my ID picture for school. This is the one that appeared on the ballot.   People still elected me even though I look like a deer in the head lights.  Amy, I just wanted to follow in your footsteps and be elected in grad school.  Sunny days here. Back to book reviews.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Latest Purchase

For my birthday I has some money to spend.  I thought about how to spend it, and I would like to say I thought long and hard, but I didn't.  My long, hard thinking was more about picking between my options.  One of my neighbors here in STL is a super talented artist.  She works with metals and glass.  So for my birthday I bought a new pair of earrings from her.  She also designs rings, necklaces and larger pieces of artwork.

If I had more money I would buy more jewelry from Rachel because I LOVE her stuff!  I wish the picture did more justice to the earrings because where the glass is it has turned the wire orange-bluish in places. They are so fun!

OK I must do school work at some point today. I just keep putting it off!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

I was back home again this weekend for Easter.  This time though, Mom and Dad flew me home!! It was a super relaxing weekend where I did absolutely no school work.  So now it is time to get back to it here in STL.

While home I of course made a few stops at Little Rosie's but also managed to squeeze in a trip to Dallas Mill Deli.  If you haven't been I highly reccomend it.  Their burgers and sandwiches are both good-especially toasted/grilled.

Also while home I got to see friends and hang out with family.  We celebrated Daniel's 20th birthday...2...0...I can't believe he will be 21 next year. It kind of freaks me out! Daniel and I also watched the latest Harry Potter movie.  One of my goals this summer is to read the Harry Potter series while school is slower.

Now back to school.