Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Super excited Costco opened tonight!! I've been waiting now for a few months. When I say waiting, I mean I emailed Costco to find out the official date that they were opening. Tonight was the grand opening and I needed milk so what better reason to go! Tons of people and TONS of samples!

Why I love Costco...

$1.50 Hotdog & a coke

Free samples (helps make for a bigger lunch or dinner)
Like tonight...I really wasn't hungry after shopping because there was SO much food to eat.

Cheap milk! Between Costco and Sam's I can get the cheapest milk in town!

Costco brand liquor and beer. A bottle of vodka bigger than Grey Goose and way cheaper.

Winter clothes anyone? They have real and fake Uggs. NorthFace jackets, smart wool socks and just about any other winter gear you might need!
Good books for good prices...not that I have time for extracurricular reading at this point. Maybe in another 2-3 years.

And yes, I felt like a creeper taking pictures in Costco. But, I am SUPER excited it is finally open! Now I have a new place to shop/wander because I can't eat all that food.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The City??

Who says I live in the city? Because really it is much closer to the 'burbs. I am at a major highway interchange but still not quite what I would call "the city". Still, living here isn't the country. So I don't expect to see all kinds of wildlife running around. Boy was I mistaken! The surrounding towns aren't kidding when they say "deer next 2 miles". One night driving home I'm pretty sure I saw about 20 deer in a 2.5 mile stretch.

What I wasn't expecting to see today was a deer on the side of the road in the middle of town. Right next to an upscale neighborhood grocery store and shopping center. The funniest part was when the school bus stopped next to me and the kids in the bus peered out the window at the deer. One comment was, "Yup, it sure is dead".

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Friday night I participated in a photo scavenger hunt with a bunch of folks from school. I was SUPER impressed by the organization of the party!
We all showed up Friday night on campus, received instructions and all went out to dinner. We had 1 hour to strategize and eat, then 2 hours to complete as many pictures as possible. It was so much fun running around town taking pictures. These are just a few from our group.

On the slide top-bottom: Me, Chris, Brady, Jennilynn
After all of the hunting we came back to a house to hang out and vote on pictures and winners. Such a fun night making new friends.
I am officially done house sitting and back at the APT. So happy to be back with my roomies!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This weekend we celebrated Jenilynn's birthday and Halloween! What a great weekend. It was a group effort for a great party, but really Susan should get all the credit. Thanks Mrs. Doni for the sausage-potato-corn chowder recipe! It got LOTS of rave reviews from people. A great, cheap recipe that is super tasty!

So here is my red velvet cake I made. Not in love with the icing but the cake itself turned out pretty good. The first icing recipe called for 3 sticks of butter. I couldn't handle that so I found another one. But apparently it wasn't as good as 3 sticks of butter and a block of cream cheese. The cake though was a really good red velvet cake!Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week and already NOVEMBER! Man how time flies!