Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Super excited Costco opened tonight!! I've been waiting now for a few months. When I say waiting, I mean I emailed Costco to find out the official date that they were opening. Tonight was the grand opening and I needed milk so what better reason to go! Tons of people and TONS of samples!

Why I love Costco...

$1.50 Hotdog & a coke

Free samples (helps make for a bigger lunch or dinner)
Like tonight...I really wasn't hungry after shopping because there was SO much food to eat.

Cheap milk! Between Costco and Sam's I can get the cheapest milk in town!

Costco brand liquor and beer. A bottle of vodka bigger than Grey Goose and way cheaper.

Winter clothes anyone? They have real and fake Uggs. NorthFace jackets, smart wool socks and just about any other winter gear you might need!
Good books for good prices...not that I have time for extracurricular reading at this point. Maybe in another 2-3 years.

And yes, I felt like a creeper taking pictures in Costco. But, I am SUPER excited it is finally open! Now I have a new place to shop/wander because I can't eat all that food.


caylen{and}david said...

oh my goodness i am SO jealous. we have one here, but no membership. maybe its time to bite the bullet... those samples (AND deals!!) are just too good.

Ben and Jess said...


don't call me darlin' said...

My parents just bought me a membership at Costco so that I could buy tires there. I was also super-psyched. I now have enough deodorant to last me through 2011. :)