Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving while Nana and the family were celebrating an Iron Bowl Thanksgiving I was here in STL celebrating with friends. I came out from under my pile of books to enjoy more food and drink that was humanly possible to consume. Me and 9 of my new friends I made this year got together for a meal on Thursday night. Frank, one of our classmates was even kind enough to donate 2 bottles of champagne for the celebration!Jonathan and Christina were sweet to host it in their apartment in order to make good use of their new dining room table! Christina made her first turkey for Thanksgiving and did a fantastic job!My contributions were a pumpkin pecan pie (got the recipe from a roomie even though I didn't follow it). It was really tasty! Good taste and texture combination!The other dessert I made was a Gingerbread Apple Upside-Down Cake. It was a complete hit! I really loved it. Definitely a different taste than what I am normally eating (gingerbread that is) but totally worth it! Also, it does require a little bit more work than the pumpkin pie.Overall it was a great Thanksgiving with wonderful new friends. I was able to accomplish a lot for school and it will be extremely helpful as I head in to the last week of school and finals!

Happy December!

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