Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas party!

This weekend was the Seminary Christmas Banquet. The banquet was at a local glass factory so during the heavy hourdeurves they had some guys creating different pieces (heating and blowing the glass).
Michelle, (below) my roommate and Sally from our program all rode to The Loop together. Thanks Caylen for a great dress. I got lots of compliments.

The only problem with winter parties here is it REALLY is COLD! The night of the party was in the upper 20's. Yes, that's right. So I took my sweater off once to dance. Otherwise I lived in it! Definitely a new experience partying in the cold.

Katie Traylor and I are still doing school together after 4 years in the same program at Auburn. We apparently couldn't get enough! I love having her here though!Happy early anniversary to Brian and Rebecca! So thankful for their sweet family!

Finals start today! I take my first one this afternoon then start studying for my second/last final. I also have to formulate a 10-page theories paper. So much fun! I'll be in Alabama soon!

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caylen{and}david said...

oh my WORD i am so ready to hang out. love the dress, you looked fab!