Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The first semester is over!! I am so excited I am done with the first semester!! WOOHOOO!
The final stretch was a rough one for me. I have pretty much been sick with some form of a cold or sinus infection since Thanksgiving and it decided to go full force on me the week of finals. For about 2 days I was laid up on the couch being pretty pathetic using up a whole box of Kleenex.

I was able to pull it together long enough one night to go out and see 1o out of Tenn a group of artists out of the Nashville area. I went with Brian and Rebecca and had a fabulous time! Matthew Perryman Jones and Will Sayles were part of the group. I haven't seen either of them play since high school, but oh how it brings back memories!

So many AMAZINGLY talented artists are a part of that TOT. I highly recommend checking all of them out! Looking forward to some R&R in Huntsville! Can't wait to see everyone.
I'm heading home in the AM!

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