Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My final year has started!  It is crazy to believe that I moved to St. Louis two summers ago.  I am starting my third and final year at Covenant!  Man how time flies.  the Lord has been gracious to me during this season of life.  He has blessed me with some sweet families and friends whom I can turn to.  He has stretched me in ways that I was not expecting.  I know it is not over yet.  This year still holds a lot for me.  If you thought the past two years were a roller coaster with me, just wait!  Internship is guaranteed to be a ride.  Hang on with me as I continue to learn of the Lord's goodness and mercy.  And as I continue to see and feel the depths of brokenness in our world and long desperately for Christ to return and make all things new.  So beings final leg of graduate school!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This past weekend I headed up to Denver to check out the city and visit the Wood Family.  It was my first trip to Colorado and I loved it.  The flight in was definitely not my best.  There is a first time for everything and it was for sure the roughest flight I have ever been on.  I need to be sure to travel with Dramamine (or Phenergan) next time I will.  My time with the Woods was sweet.  It was so good to spend time with Barb, Andy and the kiddos. 

Friday I had coffee with one of the local CTS grads who is establishing her counseling practice. I walked away from that conversation thinking we could be friends.  I really enjoyed hearing about her experiences in Denver but also learning about her as a person.
I ate at a great Mexican place downtown Rio Grande, the food was really fresh and had great flavor.  There are multiple locations, C.  Also, I went to Dazbog coffee a couple times.  Great outdoor patio, plus you can bike to several of their locations.  I think what I loved about being in the city was that you could bike to everywhere, or walk.  You could also catch their light rail to get where you want to go.  

Saturday I went up to the mountains with the Woods.  It is amazing.  We went hiking in Silverthorne which is near Keystone, Frisco, and Breckenridge.  We stopped off in Frisco to pick up some beer at Andy's favorite local brewpub.  I really enjoyed the beers we got from Backcountry Brewery.  I was really thankful to be hiking with four small children because I am really out of shape so it was nice to have a slower pace, not because of me but because of the kids!

Barb and Andy are a part of a church plant in metro Denver.  Sunday night I joined them and the rest of their team at a vision and prayer meeting.  I loved meeting the different people that showed up as well as other members of their team.  

I think I was most surprised by the weather this weekend.  The sun is really hot in Denver.  When you are in the sun it gets really hot, but being in the shade makes a huge difference.  I was told that winters in Denver are actually better than winters in STL which is really encouraging to hear.  Because the sun is so strong in Denver whenever the sun comes out it melts the snow rapidly as opposed to STL where you go days without the sun and end up suffering from SAD.   Denver has much more sun during the winter months which I really like.