Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We successfully went through 2 bags of candy here at our house. Lots of tricker-treaters and not all of them got candy from us because we ran out! So many cute kids!

The biggest news this week, other than an Auburn win, and a sunny day...

I won a PLANE TICKET!! Thanks to Regions Bank I can fly anywhere in the US between now and next year! How exciting is that! They knew just who to send it to! So now I can go visit the Kyles, or Threlkelds, or Laura in DC or go any number of places. Really, I want to go visit all these places. I will just have to make the rounds! Not really sure why I won the ticket other than the fact that I'm a new account. But, I went to verify it this week!


That's about all the excitement here. Have a spooktacular weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Break!

This weekend was my fall break and it was glorious! I had Thursday and Friday off so I drove to Huntsville for a little mini-vacation. Wednesday night I hung out with the Calverts, enjoying a beer and catching up on life. Of course that was only after the obligatory meal at Little Rosie's.

Over the course of my short weekend in Huntsville I ate at LR 3, yes THREE, times. Don't worry I had something different every time to mix it up!
Friday night I got to hang out with a few of my sweet friends from church and catch up on all the excitement in their lives. What a blessing to see the sweet community they have and just poke my head in for a night. I look forward to my month in December to hang out with everyone.

Also, Friday night was pre-parties for Debutante weekend. So M&D, Nana, and I hit up 2 different parties. Daniel was only obligated to Jordan's party.
Definitely shouldn't have eaten dinner for all of the amazing food and beverages at these parties!

Saturday was the Deb. ball and Daniel was looking mighty fine in his tails for the ball. M&D dressed up and headed out to the party while I cried through the LSU game. Nana, Bethany, and Katherine came to console me through various parts of the horrible game.

You wonder when I got studying done, I didn't. That is what tomorrow is for! Yeah for fall breaks and being home. Eating Little Rosie's, real BBQ, and seeing sweet friends and family!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Butter

This weekend was an apple butter stir for Allie & Eric's family. It is an annual family gathering that they invited me to join since I now live in the area!! They invited me to come out and meet Eric's family, Allie's parents and hang out for the day.

This apple butter stir is like tailgating around 2 cauldrons of apple butter. They lit the fire at 6am Saturday morning and hung out talking, eating, drinking, and playing games for the next 12 hours! They put at least 8 bushels of apples in to make all the butter!

After stirring 2 of the big pots all day they filled up this table (below) with jars that everyone brought to put the apple butter in. Several people dipped smaller pots in to the cauldron and poured the apple butter in to the jars.

After a day of making apple butter (all I did was hang out) there was amazing pot roast/carrots/potatoes, sides, and all the sweets you could dream of to eat. Plus, they had corn bread and biscuits to put fresh apple butter on. Oh, I did help make corn bread!

It's really cool because 2 of the aunts live right next to one another so when they run out of kitchen space they can start using the other. So it is kind of like the Ware, Martin, Abernathy, Harrison kitchen share to me! Someone asked me if my family does anything like the apple butter get together. I told her not my immediate family. But my neighbors who I consider family can through a pretty good party!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Roll With It

Tonight a few of us were invited to make dinner with one of my classmates and his family. One of the buildings on campus has a full kitchen in it so we all hung out in the kitchen together and made dinner with their 4 wild and crazy kids (They needed to get all their post-school energy out and didn't have much of a place to run around).
Skip and Kari taught several of us how to roll sushi and it was so good! They cooked and seasoned the rice with a sushi vinegar and then we placed it on seaweed paper with some cucumber and crab or lobster with some avocado and rolled them up.
They even had wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger for us! It was a great time hanging out in the kitchen and then eating together.
We had way more food than we could eat tonight. I think my favorite rolls were the ones with the cream cheese on them!
I look forward to doing this again because it is SO much cheaper than eating out for sushi and a lot of fun when you are making it with a group a friends.
Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Foreign Land

Holy cold weather batman! It is freezing here. So while most of you are enjoying you 70's+ weather right now I am slowly turning in to an ice cube here.
It has consistently been in the low-to-mid 50's here. This morning even in the low 40's! Fall has definitely arrived here. The leaves are already starting to change colors and I am making soup. And yes, I am that girl wearing her toboggan (winter hat) in class now. It just takes me a while to warm up and they still have the air on in some class rooms!

It is midterms now, not that it has as much of an impact on the counseling program as it does the MDiv. (Master's of Divinity) guys. I have 2 weeks of papers and a midterm to get through and then I will be home for a weekend of Little Rosie's, AU/LSU football, and the best part of all...Daniel and Jordan dressed up for the Deb. ball!