Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Butter

This weekend was an apple butter stir for Allie & Eric's family. It is an annual family gathering that they invited me to join since I now live in the area!! They invited me to come out and meet Eric's family, Allie's parents and hang out for the day.

This apple butter stir is like tailgating around 2 cauldrons of apple butter. They lit the fire at 6am Saturday morning and hung out talking, eating, drinking, and playing games for the next 12 hours! They put at least 8 bushels of apples in to make all the butter!

After stirring 2 of the big pots all day they filled up this table (below) with jars that everyone brought to put the apple butter in. Several people dipped smaller pots in to the cauldron and poured the apple butter in to the jars.

After a day of making apple butter (all I did was hang out) there was amazing pot roast/carrots/potatoes, sides, and all the sweets you could dream of to eat. Plus, they had corn bread and biscuits to put fresh apple butter on. Oh, I did help make corn bread!

It's really cool because 2 of the aunts live right next to one another so when they run out of kitchen space they can start using the other. So it is kind of like the Ware, Martin, Abernathy, Harrison kitchen share to me! Someone asked me if my family does anything like the apple butter get together. I told her not my immediate family. But my neighbors who I consider family can through a pretty good party!

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caylen{and}david said...

oh my word i bet that smelled incredible... that looks like so much fun! yeah homewood should come up with some sort of get together like that... or we can just stick with the margaritas and poinsettia punch :)