Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Break!

This weekend was my fall break and it was glorious! I had Thursday and Friday off so I drove to Huntsville for a little mini-vacation. Wednesday night I hung out with the Calverts, enjoying a beer and catching up on life. Of course that was only after the obligatory meal at Little Rosie's.

Over the course of my short weekend in Huntsville I ate at LR 3, yes THREE, times. Don't worry I had something different every time to mix it up!
Friday night I got to hang out with a few of my sweet friends from church and catch up on all the excitement in their lives. What a blessing to see the sweet community they have and just poke my head in for a night. I look forward to my month in December to hang out with everyone.

Also, Friday night was pre-parties for Debutante weekend. So M&D, Nana, and I hit up 2 different parties. Daniel was only obligated to Jordan's party.
Definitely shouldn't have eaten dinner for all of the amazing food and beverages at these parties!

Saturday was the Deb. ball and Daniel was looking mighty fine in his tails for the ball. M&D dressed up and headed out to the party while I cried through the LSU game. Nana, Bethany, and Katherine came to console me through various parts of the horrible game.

You wonder when I got studying done, I didn't. That is what tomorrow is for! Yeah for fall breaks and being home. Eating Little Rosie's, real BBQ, and seeing sweet friends and family!


caylen{and}david said...

geez that looks like an awesome time. i miss everyone in those pictures so much!

Mary Beth said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad I get to blog stalk you now!