Thursday, October 15, 2009

Roll With It

Tonight a few of us were invited to make dinner with one of my classmates and his family. One of the buildings on campus has a full kitchen in it so we all hung out in the kitchen together and made dinner with their 4 wild and crazy kids (They needed to get all their post-school energy out and didn't have much of a place to run around).
Skip and Kari taught several of us how to roll sushi and it was so good! They cooked and seasoned the rice with a sushi vinegar and then we placed it on seaweed paper with some cucumber and crab or lobster with some avocado and rolled them up.
They even had wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger for us! It was a great time hanging out in the kitchen and then eating together.
We had way more food than we could eat tonight. I think my favorite rolls were the ones with the cream cheese on them!
I look forward to doing this again because it is SO much cheaper than eating out for sushi and a lot of fun when you are making it with a group a friends.
Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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caylen{and}david said...

umm, hello yumness?! those look SO good and professional! i expect a lesson over Christmas :)