Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We successfully went through 2 bags of candy here at our house. Lots of tricker-treaters and not all of them got candy from us because we ran out! So many cute kids!

The biggest news this week, other than an Auburn win, and a sunny day...

I won a PLANE TICKET!! Thanks to Regions Bank I can fly anywhere in the US between now and next year! How exciting is that! They knew just who to send it to! So now I can go visit the Kyles, or Threlkelds, or Laura in DC or go any number of places. Really, I want to go visit all these places. I will just have to make the rounds! Not really sure why I won the ticket other than the fact that I'm a new account. But, I went to verify it this week!


That's about all the excitement here. Have a spooktacular weekend!

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