Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer transitions

And so I enter in to another new season.  Summer you think is supposed to be here but it was in the 50's yesterday and low 60's today.  Summer, I think is confused about its timing.  The one thing I do know about the timing right now is that it is really hard.  What they don't tell you about seminary is that you will make really amazing friends, establish deep relationships with families and friends and then they up and leave to go serve the Kingdom somewhere else in the world.  It stinks!! (edited for my mother)

Some of these people I may not get to see again until glory.  The most interaction I may get with them is Facebook, thank you technology.   But having your heart ripped out multiple times this summer as you watch friends and families leave in their moving trucks and cars is depressing.

I think the hardest part for me is knowing all of my favorites from my two years here are leaving.  My support system has been completely overturned.  The Lord has been gracious and blessed me with sweet neighbors, roommates, and classmates-all of which will be changing.  I've got a big summer ahead.  Your prayers are coveted this summer as I seek direction for next steps.  I am looking forward to my new house mates.  I look forward to fun times ahead with them!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finals week

It is finals week here.  I am closing out my second year of seminary-CRAZY!  It has gone by super fast.  It never fails though I always catch something or get sick for finals.  I guess it is the whole semester finally catching up with me.  At least this time it is just a sinus infection of some kind!  I'm a little less than a week away from being done.  I only have one paper and two finals to go.  Prayers appreciated!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final days

Oh what a sweet week this has been.  I LOVED having my family here to spend time with them! Kim, Trevor and the kids have worn me out this week.  We spent time at the Botanical Gardens, Science Center, and Zoo-all of which are FREE!!!  The weather was not quite as warm as we all had hoped for but we still had a really good time.  I was able to take my first trip to the science center with the Hackmans on Tuesday.  I have many fond memories of going to hands-on science centers/museums as a kid.  I feel like many of our family trips included stops to these places.  Mom always made things "educational".  The STL science center has a great dinosaur exhibit and architecture and space.  Plus, you can walk across the highway and look through windows in the floor of the bridge at cars passing under you.  You can even use speed guns to check the speed of cars!  How fun!   

I really enjoyed watching Kim and Trevor parent and love on their kids this week.  It was such a joy to watch them as a family have fun and do life together.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your family for the week.  I loved every minute of it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rainy days of May

It is May and it is a cool 45 here.  Yesterday was warmer and nicer.  I was able to spend some quality time with Kim and Kier while Trevor hung out with the younger two for nap time.  We all got to enjoy some coffee and baked goods at Kaldi's.  Even though my time yesterday was short with the family I enjoyed getting to hang out with Kim.

Today was our chilly day at the zoo.  Kim, the kids and I hung out for a bit before I had to jet for the day.  We got to spend the morning playing in the Children's zoo, petting sting rays, and riding the carousel.  We had a really good morning running around the zoo!