Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer transitions

And so I enter in to another new season.  Summer you think is supposed to be here but it was in the 50's yesterday and low 60's today.  Summer, I think is confused about its timing.  The one thing I do know about the timing right now is that it is really hard.  What they don't tell you about seminary is that you will make really amazing friends, establish deep relationships with families and friends and then they up and leave to go serve the Kingdom somewhere else in the world.  It stinks!! (edited for my mother)

Some of these people I may not get to see again until glory.  The most interaction I may get with them is Facebook, thank you technology.   But having your heart ripped out multiple times this summer as you watch friends and families leave in their moving trucks and cars is depressing.

I think the hardest part for me is knowing all of my favorites from my two years here are leaving.  My support system has been completely overturned.  The Lord has been gracious and blessed me with sweet neighbors, roommates, and classmates-all of which will be changing.  I've got a big summer ahead.  Your prayers are coveted this summer as I seek direction for next steps.  I am looking forward to my new house mates.  I look forward to fun times ahead with them!

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Kristen said...

We're still here!