Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The City??

Who says I live in the city? Because really it is much closer to the 'burbs. I am at a major highway interchange but still not quite what I would call "the city". Still, living here isn't the country. So I don't expect to see all kinds of wildlife running around. Boy was I mistaken! The surrounding towns aren't kidding when they say "deer next 2 miles". One night driving home I'm pretty sure I saw about 20 deer in a 2.5 mile stretch.

What I wasn't expecting to see today was a deer on the side of the road in the middle of town. Right next to an upscale neighborhood grocery store and shopping center. The funniest part was when the school bus stopped next to me and the kids in the bus peered out the window at the deer. One comment was, "Yup, it sure is dead".

Thanks for joining random thoughts with Mary Martha.


caylen{and}david said...

haHA! i love random thoughts from Mary Martha. but i do fee kinda bad for that poor deer. why is its leg up in the air???

Mary Martha said...

No idea it's just the way I found it driving by. I feel worse for the car that hit it.

Laura said...

Well legs are prob in the air bc of rig setting in... poor deer!

M - i miss you and love you. Keep the random thoughts coming i miss them

Ben and Jess said...

Sad! My cousin, Kyle, hit a deer on the interstate last night in KY and totaled his car. Glad he's ok, but those deer don't mess around!

Who actually moves the deer when that happens? Do you have to watch it decompose? That's just creepy.