Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SGA...who would have thought

So last week was SGA elections on campus.  It isn't anything like at Auburn. You get nominated by a peer and can accept or decline.  I accepted.  After that, we have elections by paper ballots that you stick in a box and are hand counted.  Oh and did I mention that your picture is on the ballot too? 

Any one else ever have bad ID pictures in college or on their license?  This is my ID picture for school. This is the one that appeared on the ballot.   People still elected me even though I look like a deer in the head lights.  Amy, I just wanted to follow in your footsteps and be elected in grad school.  Sunny days here. Back to book reviews.


Rebecca Brown said...

You are so awesome--congrats! I think it's hilarious that's your student picture, but I do think it's a bit sad that they didn't call you in for a retake before printing the ballots. The current one does you NO justice!

don't call me darlin' said...

Aha! It seems elected office is seeking YOU. So proud --- LOVE YOU!

Emily said...

My passport photo looks like Im so confused, Im not even looking at the camera.

By the way, I just found your blog and I am enjoying it very much.