Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Banquet

Last weekend was the Covenant Christmas Banquet.  It is hosted by the Student Council (me). I had a final on Thursday night and the banquet on Friday.  I also was one of the people making the decorations for the banquet so I had a super busy week.  Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the centerpieces, but they looked really good!  I was channeling my inner Allison/Sandra as I was trying to be budget friendly and make pretty centerpieces.
 We had a live band and your typical hotel food but it was a great night. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends but was definitely glad when the night was over!


caylen{and}david said...

i love your dress!!!! :) and i love you!

Mary Martha said...

Thanks it has gotten a lot of use the past few years-good choice. Love you lots!