Monday, February 7, 2011


I've grown up using Dove soap.  The smell of the original bar actually reminds me of Meemaw. I'm taking a weekend class at the end of the month called Women in Ministries.  For this class she had us watch these two Dove Campaign for Real Beauty videos. I've seen some of their commercials before but thought I would share these videos.  I think the first one is pretty eye opening to how "plastic" our culture is.  It is so fake and airbrushed.  The second one is very sweet. Hope you enjoy the videos.

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Rebecca Brown said...

Brian and I have watched the first video before, and he had a great insight. At about sec. 22 she's caught smiling a bit. He commented how beauty is most often associated with joy, as seen here. Her whole face changes when she shows a glimpse of being joyful. Cool, huh?