Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break!

Yesterday in celebration of being done for a few weeks my friend Alisha and I took a trip over to the Art Museum.  The great thing about our museum is that it is free!  It is the perfect place to visit in the winter when it is cold and dreary outside.  While we were there we stopped by the ticket desk to see if there were tickets available for the Monet exhibition-there were!  The SLAM currently has a tryptich of Monet's water lilies plus a few other pieces.  It was a beautiful piece.  Alisha and I sat there for probably an hour and just talked and looked at the artwork.  Then we explored the rest of the museum. It was the perfect afternoon celebration to the ending of our semester.  I think I want to spend more time at the museum, it was really enjoyable.

Oh and Happy Hanukkah! We are celebrating at work.  I get to be a bystander and listen as the residents light the candles each night, pray in Hebrew and sing different songs.  It is such a joy to be allowed a glimpse into different traditions.

Now back to packing and cleaning!

PS- I didn't take it.  I'm not that much of a rule breaker.  This is someone else's picture.  I just wanted to give you an idea even though this picture just doesn't do it justice.

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A. said...

Mm that was such a good idea!
Haha and I was shocked at first when I saw the picture- I was about to give you 1000 sneaky points :) I guess instead you can have some good-museum-patron points.
Hope your break is going well and see you soon!