Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Another good weekend for the books.
Saturday afternoon Jenna and I did another bike ride and Barry came along. One week I will document this! We did the greenway trail from Mt. Gap to Ditto Landing (apprx 8-10 miles round trip). We got caught in a storm and rode the whole way back in the rain! I was soaked to the core but we had a blast!

Saturday night I went with the fam to a Viper's arena football game. I've never been, and I love football, but I didn't really love this. I was ready to go by halftime. Alas, we stayed the whole time while the guys bonded and mom and I tried to enjoy ourselves.
Let's just say the Viper's pull a different crowd out to their games. I'm just happy we had free tickets and I got to go.

Sunday, I attempted another new recipe-souffles! These are the leftover ones after they already fell. I used a Grand Marnier recipe from A lot of work if you don't have a Kitchen Aid to help you and a WHOLE LOT of egg! Pretty tasty recipe I think the next venture will be Creme Brulee.

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