Monday, July 6, 2009

Firey 4th

Since last Monday I have had family visiting as they trek cross country to their new home in Chapel Hill.
All week long we have eaten amazingly well! LOTS and LOTS of baked goods and really good meat.

For the 4th of July this is what Doug and Daniel did with their Roman Candles. I apologize that the video is a little grainy.

We sat outside two nights and watched for about an hour as they played Harry Potter and shot at each other.

Sadly, Doug lost the battle. He walked away with a burned eyelid, and 2 burned patches of hair.
Not to worry after the burned eyelid they guys did put on eye protection.

Oh and if you missed it in this video Daniel gets nailed in the forehead and the firework shoots straight up into the air to rebound off.

Hope your 4th was as exciting as ours!

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caylen{and}david said...

haha!!!!!! i love that y'all were just casually watching and laughing. i think i would have had a heart attack.