Monday, May 31, 2010


It has been brought to my attention by several people that I have taken a long hiatus from blogging.  I know, I think I was just recovering from completing my first year in graduate school.  Post finals I haven't wanted to do much writing for some reason.  I have, on the other hand, done some baking.

May 23 weekend the family came up for a visit to STL.  Doug and Daniel got their first whirlwind tour of the town.  We also took some time to celebrate Doug's birthday.  To do so I made him some Guinness and Bailey's cupcakes  that are to die for.  I have made them again since then.  The cupcakes are rich and so good! The Guinness batter has a very distinct chocolate-Guinness taste before you bake them.  But when they come out of the oven it is a little less Guinness and a lot more chocolate!   I highly recommend baking some of these.

I am also without internet right now so the blogging may continue to be patchy at best. Sorry folks!

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