Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday weekend

Not only was it Derby weekend but it was also Brook's birthday this past weekend.  So in honor of both we had a birthday party and I made a Kentucky Derby Pie.

Sunday night we had a cookout at the neighbor's apartment and hung out with a handful of Brook's friends.  Having grilled burgers is always so good.  The weather is perfect now to be outside and enjoy hanging out with people.  The sad thing is this is the first roomie picture we have together and Brook moves out in less than a month!

If you haven't ever had a Derby Pie you need to try it! It is kind of like a pecan pie but with chocolate chips! It is amazing and not good for you but so worth eating.

I also made an apple crisp this weekend, much less successfully.  I was short on the butter and figured I would be fine-boy was I wrong.  No worries though, ice cream covers up a multitude of mistakes!

Finals week is quickly approaching.  My first group oral final is Wednesday to kick off the week! It is going to be busy!


lora said...

sounds yummy

Ben and Jess said...

Good luck with finals!! Hang in there!

don't call me darlin' said...

We had Derby pie at Gold Cup and I have been wanting to make it ever since. A little slice of heaven in your mouth!