Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family time

May 22 weekend the family came up for a visit. Yet again having visitors in town allows me to eat my way through STL.  We took very few pictures while everyone was here but I will at least give you guys one from the day we visited The Arch.  Some of our stops over the course of the weekend were Blueberry Hill, Fitz's root beer (I had a float with coffee ice cream and root beer on top), Mama Campisi's on the Hill, Schlafly and  Sqwires. Oh and Pappy's Smokehouse which is always SO good. I miss good bbq and ribs.  Yes, I started running/walking post this trip for all of the eating we did!
Eventually, Daniel will get his chance to go to the top of the Arch but this wasn't the visit.  Maybe next time.  Thanks y'all for coming up!

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