Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan Term

Jan term started right after the new year and I have spent my month enjoying life here in STL!  We also got a good bit of snow here though it doesn't have quite the same effects as it does in the south.  Covenant did delay the opening of school by an hour to allow for the clearing of roads one morning.  Too bad it didn't impact any class I was taking!
 The first picture doesn't do it justice but it is a long way up the hill without snow.  Put snow on the ground, snow boots, and pull a sled with a small child behind you up the hill and you have a killer workout!  After getting cold enough we all came home for a warm lunch and to curl up under some blankets!  It was a great first trip to Art Hill!
One snowy day I adventured out with Rebecca and her kids to sled at Art Hill.  Art Hill is in Forest Park.  The hill is huge and people from all over town come to sled on snow days.  They put hay bales at the foot of the hill to stop people from running in to the pond at the very bottom!  It was cold and windy but my hot hands did their job and we had a blast!

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