Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slow Saturday

Today has been a perfect Saturday before school starts for the semester.  I met with one of the women from church for breakfast and Bible study.  Our time this morning was one of the best I think we have had yet.  Our conversation was more real and we were both able to share about our lives.
I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon cleaning the apartment and hanging out with one of my roomies.  As exciting as that may sound to you, I loved it.  We don't get quality time together often so today was special.  Plus, who doesn't love a clean house?!
After cleaning and talking and a little bit of putt-zing around we ventured off to Winslow's Home for a snack and conversation.  Really, my lunch was a brownie, a goat cheese cookie (you must try one), and coffee.  The company, conversation, and food were fantastic.  We spent three hours eating, drinking, and chatting.  I highly recommend a slow Saturday, especially if it involves good conversation and a goat cheese cookie! 

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