Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last Friday I adventured in to the city to see the symphony with one of my classmates.  I think other than an elementary school field trip this was my first  trip.  I loved it!  The STL Symphony  has Friday morning performances with coffee, donuts and discussions prior to them performing.  The performance is much more casual than their evening ones would be.  I enjoyed my morning out with Alisha and the whole performance.  It was worth the $10 ticket and I would highly recommend going again! Yes, only that much because they have student discounts! They also have free single seating tickets that you can try to get right before a performance if all the seats aren't filled. How fun is that! 
The symphony was featuring a violinist, one of reasons we went.  It was a great performance .  Check out the options to go! They have an expensive but what sounds like a really cool performance coming up next month doing Lord of the Rings!

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A. said...

That was SOOOO fun :) Let's do it again sometime soon!