Monday, April 25, 2011

He is risen!

This was my first Easter to not go home. I stayed here to celebrate with friends and be at my church here in STL.  It was a busy weekend here for me of food, fellowship, and school.  I spent time with friends, other families, and my books.  Being a part of the Covenant community has been such a blessing these two years I have been here.   I do have to say I am sad I missed the egg hunt and basket at home, but I really enjoyed the meals and fellowship here with friends and families.

I didn't take any pictures but thought I would include the egg hunt picture from HSV.

*And to anyone who was concerned, the tornado went north/south of me here in STL.  It did hit one of my fellow student/church members house and car.  They are both ok.  Otherwise, we are just in the midst of our April showers.  

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