Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This weekend ran I feel like i did everything-completely relax and be so completely busy!

Friday night was pizza and a movie with Jess and
It was a wonderful night in sweats on the couch to just relax and be with friends.

Saturday I still did some lounging and baked some sugar cookies to take to a fondue party! They were good but maybe a little too much trouble for all the DOZENS I ended up making.

Saturday night the fondue party was a lot of fun
. We had a beer cheese fondue except we used all cheddar cheese-really tasty! As with any party we had way too much food left over.

I loved having the house to myself for the weekend while the Martins, Wares and Abernathys were in Auburn.
I'm now thinking about a mini vacation to Auburn this weekend!

GRAD SCHOOL UPDATE: Still an alternate for OSU. I should hear something from Covenant by the end of the week.


caylen{and}david said...

aaaah SO jealous about all of those things!!! will keep praying for school stuff... love you and miss you and I want a movie night with you soon! :) we may just have to have an intercoastal movie night-- i'll just be on the phone on speaker with y'all all night. we can even be sure to press "play" at the same time so we can even watch the movie together!!! haha, yep, i am going to plan this one with jess...

caylen{and}david said...

ah!! love the pictures!! {and that dress you are wearing in the header is especially stylin :)} yay for picasa!