Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wear Myself Out!

This weekend has been busy! Friday night was lots of friends and family. I love that everyone has come home for parts of their spring break so that I can see them! Thanks Katie O for hanging out with me!

Saturday was work day. Below are before and after pictures of Meemaw's part. The first picture shows what was hiding under the wallpaper (lots of wine labels). We gave away Meemaw's stove so we had a hole that we needed to fill.

First, the paint job was $2.00! We used 2 different Oops quarts from Home Depot and mixed them together. At $1.00 a piece you can't beat it! All of the knick-knacks on we used to decorate we already had in the house. The mini fridge was left over from freshman year in the dorm. Hope you like our DIY job and for a pretty good price!

Also, this afternoon Dad, Daniel and I expanded a bed in the backyard. And I made a new banana muffin recipe. They turned out really good. I love All Recipes for the reviews and edits that people make to the recipes. It helps when trying something new.

And for those of you who are into March Madness. This is my first go round. I'm hanging in there with my bracket.


Ben and Jess said...

Wow I don't even recognize it! I'm impressed!

Katherine said...

Vwell, that is a right good picture at the top of your blog;-) Had a blast at your house Monday! I love you!

waretd said...

WOW is right! What a change! It looks like a different room! Great job!!

Mary Martha said...

Thanks guys! Had it not been for Mr. Alan it would have been a VERY slow start drilling. I just have to watch and learn!

caylen{and}david said...

meemaw's kitchen looks awesome. i am SO impressed with all the DIY work :)