Monday, March 30, 2009

16 days and counting!

Let the countdown begin! I have a little over two weeks til the lovely ladies at the top of my blog will be playing in DC and NYC together. Any and all tips for places to go and things to do while in either DC or NYC will be happily accepted. We will be spending a few days in each city. I'm just excited for a girls weekend with the 4 of us!

This past weekend I made another road trip. This time I went to see Amy Farnsworth in Starkville, MS. I've been saying nothing good comes out of Mississippi and my only recollection of MSU was that of a ghetto.
Starkville is actually pretty nice. It is a smaller town than Auburn but lots of fun places to eat. I had a great time hanging out with Amy and her roommate. I always love a low key weekend with Amy! Thanks for being such a great host Amy!

(Thanks for letting me be a picture stealer Amy!!)

OH and if someone wants to win the lottery between now and August and wants to split the winnings with me-I would GLADLY take it. We will just call it the MMA Education Fund!

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