Monday, March 16, 2009

I believe in Auburn and love it!

This weekend was a wonderful relaxing weekend in the Loveliest Village! I took a mini vacation to Auburn just to get away. Didn't take any pictures because...well I didn't do anything. So instead I have some older pictures to spice it up a little bit.
Amy, I did drive by Samford for you. Actually I did a mini campus tour just driving around town to check it all out. The new residence halls look great!

(I do have a few more pictures to add, I just didn't have time.)

Doug and I had pizza Friday night before he left for spring break. Always good for a little family bonding.
Friday night was also movie night with Laura. It was great to see her and catch up a little bit in person.

Saturday and Sunday Allison and I had the best time doing nothing. A little bit of wine and a good friend goes a long way!

Even if it was on the phone, I got to talk to Amy and Joy! Amy it seems like not that long ago we were celebrating our own St. Paddy's day and enjoying wine on the balcony together!

Really not much went on this weekend other than a little reading, moving watching and enjoying the best place ever, Auburn!

Grad school update: Still got nothing. I'll keep you posted when I hear something. Mid-march is hear so we should know something SOON!

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arfarnsworth said...

i was thinking today about our trip to charleston and st patty's day! miss you!!!!! and dont give me a bottle of wine because we know how that goes :)