Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 2

Today was another busy day!
Tours: State Department, White House, Holocaust Museum.

Emily and Katherine did the State Department while Laura gave me a tour of the Potomac and part of Georgetown. (She got lost!)

Highlight of the White House tour was seeing 2 Secret Service men head out the front door of the WH in full sniper gear. They had their rifles over their shoulder and all their flashlights, radios and everything else. If only I could have taken a picture!

We made a pitstop at the Native American Museum. I had never been there but on our first floor whirlwind tour it was pretty cool. And if you are in the neighborhood and looking for some good food that would be the place to stop.

Most of us had not been to the Holocaust museum before so we went today. You could spend most of your day there if you wanted to do so. We were there several hours looking around. I like that you can choose how graphic of a visit you want. Thanks Museum People for making it a more enjoyable experience.

After snack time on the mall we headed home. For a great dinner in the neighborhood.
The evening will conclude with fresh brownies and some 2buckChuck!

NYC tomorrow!

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