Friday, April 24, 2009


MSG-It doesn't stand for monosodium glutamate. Nice guess though, Amy. Actually it stands for Margarita Support Group. Mom's MSG group met last night. Sadly, I haven't had a meeting of my MSG in a long time. Jessica doesn't like tequila so she can't participate with me. Caylen is forever far away. Laura and I just can't seem to cross paths long enough to enjoy are former MSG time.

At least Marilynn can help a sister out! Hopefully St. Louis will be able to provide me some friends in need of supporting!


caylen{and}david said...

i think we should have a conference call MSG meeting. You get your margarita, Jess can sip on what ever she wants, and i'll grab something here or somewhere... as long as y'all are at little rosie's and i can hear the mexican music and you can tell me how delicious the queso is.

Mary Martha said...

haha sounds like a fabulous idea!! We can for sure do that!

Ben and Jess said...

ummm, pretty sure I could order a beer wherever we go. don't let tequila get in the way of our friendship!! I have been craving a pina colada recently. Get home from Auburn so we can go out and get one.