Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Apt.

So I have more than just my room to live in here at Covenant. I was lucky enough to walk in to a completely decorated place! Both of my roommates had already done all the work. The only downside is when they move out next year I have to redecorate!

A lay of the land, the front is on your right in the top picture. Past the door is the bar in the kithcen. Then the hallway to all the bedrooms. My room is on the left at the back. Due to lighting the couch looks like 2 different colors in the pictures but it's really the same one. Movies and popcorn in down time and watching children crash in the bushes just outside the window.

Furnished kitchen is awesome. Even more exciting is one of the girls has a Kitchen Aid mixer!

Another nice thing being on campus is when the dreaded snow comes this winter, I won't have far to trek!


Emyjo said...

I love seeing all your pictures! So excited for you. Saw your parents at church today and gave them a hug. We all miss you but are glad you're doing so well.

Katherine said...

I love your apt. It's awesome. Can't wait to visit. Congrats on the job. I hope you LOVE it. I miss you!

caylen{and}david said...

it all looks so great. i can't wait to hear about classss. phone date stat.