Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fast Eddie

Last night I celebrated a neighbor's birthday at Fast Eddie's in Alton, IL. I didn't meet the birthday girl until we were leaving for dinner, but hey it all works out great.

So far everyone I have met is a current student at CTS. No other newbies to be found. I guess we are few and far between or Michelle (my roommate) and I are just spoiled living on campus meeting people already!
Fast Eddie's is a bar/restaurant that hasn't changed prices much since it opened. I bought mine and Michelle's dinner for $10 and we had more than enough to eat! It is only 21 & up allowed in the establishment. You can get a 1/2 burger for $0.99, chicken or beef kabobs for $2.99, fries for $0.99. So you can get lots of food for really cheap! They also require you to purchase a drink-coke, water, or alcohol.

But it's a fun atmosphere with live music just a bit out of town. Oh and did I mention it was featured on Food Network? The saddest part is that when someone was describing the place to me I knew where we were going from watching Food Network!

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