Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thank you for your prayers because I got a job Friday! In the student center on campus is a job board where different people from the community will come by and post different job needs. Well I applied for a new posting doing what I call, Family Assistant. I am helping a local family with all their needs. On Monday I will be baking 3 batches of brownies and who knows what else. My job may entail picking up carpool, laundry, cleaning, running errands.

This is definitely not the job I had envisioned for myself but I will be making good money. Plus, I always have the hope of referrals! Thank you guys for your prayers.

On another note, a welcome reception and orientation were this weekend. Both lots of sitting and awkward conversation. Just like any other orientation it was boring.

Now I am off to enjoy the beautiful weekend at one of the many parks St Louis has to offer!

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Laura said...

Why does doing those kinds of household chores for someone else sound fun, but I dread doing the same things for myself? I think it sounds perfect for you!