Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There are a few pictures posted on Facebook of my room from this past weekend. But I am have taken a few more, not that anything has really changed. To the left of my desk in the first picture is my closet. It's a pretty good size. At the foot of the bed in the second picture is my dresser. It got cut off from the curtains.

Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry.

A brief summary of the weekend:

Dad and I drove for 7, almost 8 hours. Mom slept.

We hit a local brewery tour for Schlafly . It was really good beer and a lot of fun. Of course the guy giving the tour was a Covenant student.

We also went to the SEC kickoff event downtown. I got to meet several Auburn folks. None of which were in my age bracket. Oh well, nice to meet some fellow Auburn fans.

Last but not least, was the St Louis Annual Naked Bike Ride! It was on the news all weekend. Of course we would get stopped so they could ride by! The picture doesn't show much other than we were a lot closer than we cared to be! Talk about a weekend of fun!

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Gary said...

Don't forget the trip to Ted Drewes for frozen custard. It's worth going back again, just not by yourself.