Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Dinner!

Bill made it safely to St. Louis. He and I grabbed lunch today at a pizza place up the road from campus. The entertaining part of this is he drove and neither of us know how to get anywhere. So after a minor detour we finally made it back to campus.

Ran in to Jimmy Agan, he preached at Southwood twice this summer. God is so good because I'm headed to his house for dinner tonight! Ribs are on the menu so I'm really excited. I'm intersted to see what their ribs are like.

St Louis barbeque is different from Southern bbq. They slather the sauce on the ribs and we normally eat our dry. But, any bbq rib is good to me!

Orientation is Saturday and classes start next Thursday. I've still got LOTS of free time. Keep praying that I find a job. I just keep applying for them!

I'll post pictures soon.

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