Monday, August 31, 2009


This past week has been a week of first for me.

Thursday was my first day of graduate classes. So far all is going well. Most of my classes are 20-30 people. The largest class I have, Intro to Counseling is probably 80 people. It is a huge class because all of the counseling and MDIV (wanna be pastors/master's of divinity) students have to take the class.

First time to slice my finger as bad as I did. I've knicked my fingers many times cutting stuff but this was a doozie. I debated stitches and sat for 30 minutes trying to get it to stop bleeding. I wish I had a good picture but none of them have really turned out.

First time to run out of gas. Yup, that's right. It's been a big week for me. I had a babysitting job last night and was stranded (thankfully at home). I had to borrow a friends car so I could make it to the job on time. AAA came this morning to put some gas in for me so I could get to the gas station.

And I am on the first of approximately 19 books I have to read this semester. Actually, I am juggling 2 already but one doesn't really count because I don't have to write a paper for it!

This weekend was the Festival of Nations. I had my first Burmese meal and my first Turkish meal. Not really sure what I had from either of them but they were both good. The Burmese was chicken fried rice and a beef and garbanzo bean "salad". My Turkish meal was a doner (pretty much a gyro) with lamb and beef and some red sauce on top.


Ben and Jess said...

If I told Ben you ran out of gas he would be soooo mad at you. That's his thing. He's a firm believer in not letting your tank go below a fourth a tank. I get lectured.

Mary Martha said...

Yes well usually I am good about that. But there is a first time for everything! Not planning on doing that again!