Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heading West

I leave at 6am for St. Louis. My car and Dad's are packed. Apparently I do have a lot to take so I'm glad Bill didn't need us to take anything extra or it might be tight!
And not so surprisingly other than an empty closet it doesn't even look like I've moved out!

Despite the fact that I have cleaned and packed I still have 2 missing camera chargers...I have no idea how I do that but alas I did.

Looking forward to meeting the new roomies and seeing exactly what I have gotten myself into! Pray for us as we head to St Louis tomorrow. I'm hoping to move in around 2pm!

Also, Happy Belated birthday to Emily! Hope you enjoyed your celebration as much as we did!

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Emyjo said...

Thank you, M&M!!! I miss you already! I hope you love it up there--but sure wish you were still here! Have a blast getting settled in and give me a call soon so I can hear all about it! I love you.