Thursday, March 25, 2010

First leg of the race

I feel like I am on Amazing Race this week.  We left STL a little before 4pm on Friday and headed for Tucker, GA.  We got in to bed around 3am.  Katie was a trooper and drove the whole way! We had a great time hanging out with Scott and Silka and both dogs.  Silka took us to Ikea for a browse around at all the cool stuff and some Swedish meatballs.  Scott went for a walk with us at the park across the street.  Really, it was more of a hike climbing over rocks and such.

Our dinner, which I wish I would have gotten a real picture of, was absolutely amazing.  We had grilled pizza and killer martinis.
The pizza crust was homemade with some rosemary in the dough. Our cheeses were Parmesan, mozzarella, and feta.  We had grilled red peppers and onions as well as spicy turkey sausage.  We finished it off with fresh tomatoes and green onion.  It was one of the most amazing pizzas I've had in a while.  It is an Epicurious recipe in case you want to look it up.

The martinis, also amazing, were Chambord and vanilla vodka.  I'm not really sure what else went in there but I just know they were strong and good.

Round one of our trip was a success.  Next stop Ponte Vedra, FL!

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