Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here we come!!

Spring Break is upon us!! I know the week isn't over yet but I'm calling it today! Well, last night I had pretty much called it quits.  Today I'm turning in 2 papers and working but I am done for the week. Tomorrow all I have to do is go to work.  Then begins the Griswold Family Vacation.

My roommates and I are heading out tomorrow night for a road trip hitting most of our hometowns.  First stop is Tucker, GA to see Brook's brother.  After a few days there we are on to Jacksonville, FL to see Katie's family.  Next stop is Michelle's family in Lakeland.  After that it is Huntsville for a day and a half.  I have a wedding Saturday.  So we will be there long enough for some Little Rosie's and a wedding.  Then back up to STL!

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I don't know how much rest we will actually get but we are going to have a blast! I'm excited to eat seafood in Florida and Little Rosie's at home. Hopefully I will have some updates from the road!

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