Sunday, March 28, 2010

Next Stop, Lakeland.

Our next stop of the trip was Lakeland, FL. Before we got to Lakeland we stopped of in Orlando for lunch with Pat, one of Michelle's friends.

Once in to Lakeland we spent the afternoon at Mitchell's coffee shop studying-like any good grad school spring breaker.  What else would happen then Katie and Brook were asked to be interviewed for their opinions on current events in the world.  So we watched, laughed and went back to studying.  You can't tell in this picture, but Katie is barefoot because she darted out of the coffee shop without her shoes for the interview.  
We spent some time hanging out with Michelle's family for dinner both nights.  We had great timing because her mom was off work one day so we were able to eat lunch with her and snag dad too for his lunch break! 

Here is a picture from our walk around one of the lakes in Lakeland.  After our walk around town and more seafood (I love being in Florida) we went to the Santos family's new property.  On their new property they have several orange and grapefruit trees.  We picked a few of each and headed back home.
Lakeland was another relaxing quick trip.  Next stop, Huntsville. 

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