Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 Weeks to Go...

2 Weeks until Spring Break! I have to buckle down for the next 2 weeks to get everything done before this much needed vacation! Tomorrow I have a group presentation during my evening class. We are teaching for 45 minutes on a career theory.  I'm so glad that as of 9p.m. tomorrow night I will be done with all of my group projects!  All that stands between me and spring break is 2 book reviews, a letter and resume draft, and a midterm.  Hopefully I will survive all of this with a little work mixed in!

Since the weather has been so beautiful here this weekend after breakfast Saturday morning my roommates and I went on a morning walk around the neighborhood.  Then for dinner we grilled out burgers.  Oh how I LOVE grilled food. We borrowed a grill from the neighbors downstairs. Our burgers went great with the potato salad and macaroni and cheese.  PW's macaroni and cheese turned out pretty good. I just added more cheese because you can't really go wrong with more cheese.

Today after church 3 of the roomies and another friend all went hiking at one of the state parks. I am so excited for the weather to be warming up!

Spring Break I will be heading home for a day, maybe two.  I am doing a tour of hometowns with my roommates.  We are making a stop in "Atlanta", I think it is really Tucker though.  Then we will hit up Jacksonville and Lakeland, FL for a few days and end in Huntsville so I can go to a wedding Saturday.

Definitely looking forward to some time off from school. Other than my short breaks on the weekends I don't seem to have time to do much else around here. Life is pretty boring. School, work, church and lots of studying!

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Ben and Jess said...

I vote for more than 1 day in Huntsville.