Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pit Stop

The road from Lakeland, FL to Huntsville, AL is LONG! It was close to a 14 hour day for us.  Yes, a few stops helped lengthen to drive but so did a few back road detours.

Our first stop on the way to Huntsville was Gainesville, FL.  Katie and Michelle both spent some time there during college. Michelle is a UF graduate, Katie spent her first two there and finished up at Samford, but she is the one with the hard core Gator Pride.

This was my first trip to the swamp.  We walked through the main part of campus, grabbed lunch in the Union building (they have a much better selection than AU did-Subway, Starbucks, CheeburgerCheeburger, Freshens smoothies, and some Pollo Loco place), then walked through the stadium back to our cars.  It amazes me that all the athletes get mopeds to ride! You can definitely tell who they are walking around campus.  I loved being back on a college campus, but it is no Auburn!

After about 7 more hours of driving we stopped for dinner in Clanton, AL. We conveniently stopped at the Whataburger next to Peach Park.  We got there before they closed and I was able to introduce Brook, Michelle, and Katie to the goodness of Peach Park.  We had fried peach pies, peach cobble with ice cream, and the caramel peach ice cream.  OH I love it all!

Then it was almost 3 more hours of driving due to detours before we made it to our last stop...Huntsville!

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